1. "Here now the earth was a splendorous thing—snow on the ground, in melting patches in the grass, and gurgling creeks, and the huge silent rock mountains on both sides, and a wind blowing, and the smell of heather. We forded a lovely little creek, shallow as your hand, pearl pure lucid water, and got to the huge rock. Here were old charred logs where other mountainclimbers had camped."
    — My friend lent me Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums to read and I’ve had a strange desire to flee Toronto and spent the rest of my life climbing mountains the past few days. Pretty sure there’s a connection between the two…
  2. Playing hide and seek in Joshua Tree National Park.

  3. The grounds at Coachella.


  4. Instead of flying to Palm Springs and then taking a shuttle from a hotel to Coachella a few weeks ago, my friend Jane and I decided to fly to Los Angeles, rent a car, and make the drive ourselves. Here’s some words I wrote about our adventures, which included getting briefly lost in Compton, not being crushed between two tractor-trailers going one hundred miles an hour, and driving through the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park at sunset. This trip was made possible by Enterprise, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market in Palm Springs, shitty coffee, and this Smalltown DJs mix

  5. I think the Joshua Tree National Park has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in my entire life. 

  6. I took over 300 photos last week in California but I think this shot of a Venice Beach skatepark at sunset is my favourite of the bunch.

  7. Image Credit: The Weather Network

    This week’s forecast for Indio, California. Can’t complain about this. Looking forward to getting an early start on my summer tan.

  8. Photo Credit: Carly Inkpen

    Venice Beach, L.A., California. 


  9. I debated posting this Craigslist link on Tumblr, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I recently found out that I received media accreditation, so I won’t be needing one of my Weekend 1 passes. The reason I’m looking for $600 is because that’s what I originally paid buying them from a third party, but I’d be willing to negotiate. I’m willing to deliver it to you if you live in Toronto or mail it to you express if you don’t. If you’re interested, or know somebody that might be, you can send me a message at maxbenjaminmertens@gmail.com. Reblogs are also appreciated!