1. Wrote a few short Coachella reviews for Exclaim! Magazine, including sets by Radiohead, WU LYF, Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. Give them a read if you’d like. I’ll post pictures from the weekend up here later.


  2. "But this was the quandary of every alternative breakout band born in the long shadow of Saint Kurt: You had to accept newfound bigness but find room within it to resist. Above all, you couldn’t seem as if you were enjoying it too much. Which wasn’t an issue for Radiohead. You can see the band getting bigger, and more miserable, in “Meeting People Is Easy,” a 1998 tour-souvenir documentary shot by Grant Gee. They’re on the road promoting the third album, the pretty-much-universally-fawned-over “OK Computer.” They’re packing larger venues; rock critics fluster and stammer in their presence. Yet the touring experience is portrayed as a grim, airless death march under fluorescent lights — lonely airport-tram rides, painfully awkward record-company grip-and-grins, inane interviews, live performances that punctuate but don’t alleviate the gloom."
    —  From Alex Pappademas' excellent New York Times profile on Radiohead guitar Jonny Greenwood. 
  3. Radiohead - “Little By Little (Caribou Remix)”

    Today Radiohead finally announced a Toronto and Montreal show, and justifiably, people got really, really excited. They also chose the pride of Dundas, Ontario, Caribou, to open for them on 24 dates. I’ve posted this remix on here before but it’s especially appropriate now. 

  4. The setlist from the Radiohead show in Miami a few nights ago. A little heavy on The King Of Limbs material for my liking, but otherwise not too shabby. The two new songs they debuted sounded pretty good too. Watch video of both here. P.S. Thom Yorke, we’re still waiting for those Canadian dates. Osheaga fits nicely into your schedule.

  5. Radiohead - “15 Step”

    So it looks like I’m going to be attending Coachella for the first time in April and I’m pretty damn ecstatic about it. Besides the little known British band above headlining, the lineup for the three day festival also includes performances from the recently reunited At The Drive-In, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, ASAP Rocky, Justice, Flying Lotus, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, WU LYF, Yuck, Girls, The Black Keys, Black Lips, M83, SBTRKT, DJ Shadow and many, many more. My friend is buying the tickets tomorrow morning but I’m so excited I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight.  

  6. Here’s my haul from Criminal Records’ closing sale.

    ~ Leftovers 7” vinyl - PS I Love You/Diamond Rings

    ~ "Die Slow" 7” vinyl - HEALTH

    ~ “2 + 2 = 5” 12” vinyl - Radiohead

    ~ Miles Davis Kind of Blue sticker


  7. Caribou & Jacques Greene remix Radiohead

    Here are two nifty official Radiohead remixes courtesy of Caribou and Montreal’s Jacques Greene. I guess Thom Yorke & Co. are really into Canadians re-interpreting their songs. Both “Little By Little” and “Lotus Flower” originally appeared on the English band’s last album, The King of Limbs.