1. theireyesuponus:

    After digging on Montreal’s Winter, this is the most encouraging thing I could hope to see in my window at home. (at A-Okay Sandwich House)

    My new roommate took this looking out the window of our kitchen. It’s nice to have a fixed address again.


  2. "It went up to the roof. I remember thinking, ‘We’re going to burn this place down.’ There are still burn marks on his guitar."
    — Joel Plaskett, telling me about the time Thrush Hermit almost burned down the Horseshoe Tavern
  3. Photo Credit: Alyssa Justice

    Sign outside the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.


  4. For this week’s NOW Magazine, I interviewed Men Without Hats frontman Ivan Doroschuk and reviewed the new album from San Francisco’s The Soft Moon. Pick up an issue in one of those green boxes or follow the link(s) to read.


  5. Photo Credit: Scott Pilgrim

    Rising New York rapper Mykki Blanco (see below) threw a Halloween party at a swingers club for her Toronto debut and I wrote about it for NOW.

  6. Two of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, Porchetta & Co. and Pizza Libretto, collaborated this week on a limited edition pizza. Pictured above is the result, a pizza with porchetta, crackling, rapini, preserved chilies, mozzarella, roasted garlic, and a bit of truffle oil. I shared one last night, and I don’t like to throw the phrase “work of art” around lightly, but it was a work of art. 


  7. "When it comes to bands getting good mileage out of their debut album, it’s hard to beat The xx. Since 2009, the London-based indie pop band have played a handful of shows in Toronto, including a headlining show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre this past summer. Now that they’re playing venues like Massey Hall — and charging approximately $40 and upwards for tickets — the band can no longer get away with playing 35-minute sets. The loss of guitarist and keyboardist Baria Qureshi, long before the making of the second album, hasn’t seemed to faze the band. As a three-piece, Romy Madley-Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith, have focused their individual abilities into a well-oiled machine."
    —  Wrote about The xx’s show at Massey Hall on Tuesday night for the National Post. Read it here.

  8. Wrote some words for the Post on the How To Dress Well show at the Great Hall last week. I only recently got into this Tom Krell’s music (see below), but this guy has some serious pipes. He also sang a snippet of Kanye’s Cruel Summer contribution (with R. Kelly), "To The World", which was pretty awesome. The photo that ran with this article is courtesy of Kristian Pedersen


  9. "Kele Okereke is a lover first and foremost, and a fighter second. The Bloc Party frontman might occasionally sing about stomping on the faces of policemen or name a song after the Greek god of war, but he’s a hopeless romantic at heart. He likes to go out dancing on a Saturday night and his idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon date is watching football in the park. Even when he was baiting the sometimes sluggish crowd at the Music Hall on Monday night by saying, “C’mon you f–kers!” it was with a smile and a good-natured wink."
    — I saw Bloc Party for the second time this year on Monday night at Toronto’s beautiful Danforth Music Hall and wrote some words about it for the National Post. I also tried to defend the band’s latest album, Four, which received some less-than-favourable reviews. My friend Ryan also took some great photos of Kele Okereke & Co. which you can check out here.

  10. Most normal people slept after NXNE. I turned around and reviewed a pretty great Mogwai show for National PostThen I slept for about twelve hours straight. 


  11. Here’s my five cents on Santigold’s show at the Kool Haus Tuesday night for the Post (which included an appearance from the horse pictured above). If you haven’t already listened to her excellent new album, Master Of My Make-Believe, then you should get on that.

  12. Army Girls - “Here It Comes”

    I saw a grand total of eight bands at Canadian Music Week this year and Toronto’s Army Girls were by far the best of the lot. Expect big things from these two in 2012. 


  13. Following the Silk Rhodes…

    Photo Credit: Carmen Cheung 

    As some of you or may not have heard, I’m going to be doing some work with Silk Rhodes, a new Toronto-based publicity and management company. I’m really excited to be a part of this and would appreciate it if you guys took a minute and liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter (website coming soon). I’ve been talking with the founder Max Mohenu all weekend and I really respect this guy’s hustle and diverse musical tastes. We’re going to be working with some awesome artists (like Allie Hughes’ new electro-pop project ALX, pictured above at CMW) and got some exciting stuff planned for the future, so stay tuned!


  14. I debated posting this Craigslist link on Tumblr, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I recently found out that I received media accreditation, so I won’t be needing one of my Weekend 1 passes. The reason I’m looking for $600 is because that’s what I originally paid buying them from a third party, but I’d be willing to negotiate. I’m willing to deliver it to you if you live in Toronto or mail it to you express if you don’t. If you’re interested, or know somebody that might be, you can send me a message at maxbenjaminmertens@gmail.com. Reblogs are also appreciated!

  15. colinmedley:

    March 2012, Toronto

    There’s a “just the tip” joke here somewhere. 

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