1. I want all of this.

  2. Went out briefly for Nuit Blanche last night, which was a complete bust, with the exception of the delicious maple bacon donut that I had at Beast Restaurant's food truck in the Distillery District. I also waited in line for about an hour with some friends for a pretty tasty grilled cheese sandwich. Who needs art?   

  3. Roast chicken, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots and stuffing. Om nom nom.

  4. Roast chicken with lemon, onions and garlic. My father’s recipe, the chicken was courtesy of my roommate’s family’s farm.

  5. Sunday family dinner with the roommates. 

  6. Photo Credit: Lauren Runions

    The guys at The Burger’s Priest make the best burgers in Toronto and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Worth the pilgrimmage to the east end.